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Hearing for Humanity (HFH) is a program at Arizona State University with the mission of providing sustainable humanitarian audiologic and rehabilitative services in Malawi Africa and clinical training abroad for undergraduate and graduate students in the ASU Department of Speech and Hearing Science.  Since the inaugural trip in 2010, HFH has conducted annual one-month missions to Malawi, typically in June. As an ASU Study Abroad Program, HFH is also open to students from other universities, and existing professionals.  The ASU humanitarian audiology study abroad program provides invaluable opportunities for students and a unique clinical experience that exposes them to challenging clinical settings and ear/hearing disorders not commonly seen in the USA.  Students also gain cultural sensitivity and their experience has the potential to change the course of their future professional endeavors.  An alumna of the ASU Doctor of Audiology program (2013), Dr. Courtney Caron, participated in the HFH program two years as a student and one year as a professional audiologist.  She now lives and works in Malawi as an audiologist for Sound Seekers, a British Charity with the mission of improving the lives of children with hearing loss in developing countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.  A close alliance with in-country partners is an essential component of providing humanitarian audiology services abroad, and the HFH team works closely with Australian audiologists, Peter and Rebecca Bartlett, from EARS, Inc. who live in Lilongwe and work at the African Bible College and Dr. Courtney Caron, who lives in Blantyre and works at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.  

About Hearing for Humanity

Ingrid McBride, Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Ingrid McBride is a Clinical Professor at Arizona State University and Director of Audiology at the Arizona State University Speech and Hearing Clinic.  Dr. McBride is the founder of Hearing for Humanity and has taken teams of audiologists and students to Malawi Africa since 2010.  In 2011, Hearing for Humanity was established with non-profit status under the ASU Foundation and in 2012 became a program under the ASU Study Abroad Program. In her role at the university, Dr. McBride teaches introductory and advanced courses in hearing aid and hearing assistive technology and diagnostic audiology and is a preceptor in the Audiology Clinic.  In 2015, Dr. McBride was a recipient of the Oticon Focus on People Award in the practitioner category based on her work with Hearing for Humanity.


We do a lot to improve life for individuals in need!

Founder of Hearing for Humanity

WANT to join the hfh team?

Hearing for Humanity is open to audiologists and graduate and undergraduate students both within and outside of ASU.  The link will take you to the ASU Study Abroad website.

2015 Trip Blog

Find out more about our adventures during the 2015 HFH trip as written by Doctor of Audiology students who were part of the HFH team.

Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission: to help people with hearing loss in need. We do that by focusing on sustainable community-based efforts including education, training, and direct service provision following best practices.